2018 Kicks Off with a Bang – Proudly Zambia Logo Roll Out on the Horizon

2018 Kicks Off with a Bang – Proudly Zambia Logo Roll Out on the Horizon

The Launch of the Implementation of the Proudly Zambian Campaign held on 14th Feruary 2018 at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre marked the beginning of the robust implementation of a nationwide campaign to bolster the quality and perception of Zambian products and services, increase consumption in domestic, regional, and international markets as well as begin to develop a “Proudly Zambian Indentity” that reasonates with who we are as a people and what we strive to achieve for the next generation.

The Zambia Association of Manufacturers is proud to be given the opportunity to spearhead this galant effort to foster national pride in what is produced locally and shall take the bull by its horns and aim to ensure that “Think Local First” becomes a motto that is engrained in the minds of all Zambians, from young to old, rich and poor, employed and unemployed, as the nation strives to become more prosperous.

Following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between ZAM and the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry, the Association anticipate the next steps towards the operationalization of the MOU:

  1. Press Statement Released by MCTI: Grace Period for Removal of “Proudly Zambian” branding on local products and by local service providers.
  2. Formation of PZC Committee to Oversee Implementation of the Project: PZC will run for a period of 5 years subject to renewal of the MOU between MCTI and ZAM.
  3. Sensitization Activities:
  • Inform manufacturers and service providers on access to the logo, usage and costing structures.
  • Criteria for qualification to usage of PZ logo
  • Build awareness and understanding of “Proudly Zambian Identity”
  1. Implementation Activities:
  • Identification and verification of participating firms (recruitment drive);
  • Roll out of logo onto the market after grace period;
  • Lobby for Supportive Policies for Building Quality Zambian Products e.g. Industrial Policy, Local Content Strategy, development of sector specific Preferential Procurement Thresholds based on regional (best) practice;
  • Promoting Quality and Standards, Ethics: Collaboration with key institutions and partners to deliver training on; skills, product development e.g. operational excellence, KAIZEN, productivity enhancement etc, as well as work with certification bodies to help entities looking to purchase logo attain certification and meet international standards.
  • Compliance Monitoring upon roll out of logo.
  • Proudly Zambian Marketing Activities including but not limited to; Manufacturers and Service Providers Catalogue, participation in tradeshows and exhibitions, Made in Zambia Television Series, School Programmes and Tertiary Engagement, as well as an Independence Day Company March Past.

Manufacturers and service providers alike are encouraged to keep their ears to the ground and not miss out on any of the awareness and promotional activities associated with the roll out of the campaign and remember “Think Local First”!